Rork Projects -Brisbane Commonwealth Law Courts

Commercial Build

Project Name
 Brisbane Commonwealth Law Courts

Project Category
 Commercial

Work completed by Make Shift Happen
 Rork Purlin Replacement
– Catch scaffold with a single working platform approximately 1mtr below purlins.
– Stair access x 2.
– Work to be staged with an initial erection of 50% of the area to be completed and a single movement for the remaining 50%.

 Turbot Street
– 10kpa protective gantry, approximately 21mtrs in length, as per engineered drawings.

 Santos Podium Elevation
– 10kpa protective gantry to the length of the secured area of the podium elevation.
– Additional run of approximately 2.4m outside the secure area (Tank Street Elevation).
– Additional run of approximately 9.6m outside the secure area (Turbot Street Elevation), as per engineered drawings, incorporating LVL’s and ply to the areas above skylights.

 Santos Suspended Elevation
– Access scaffold to the length of the Santos elevation. Engineered design with all bays suspended from cantilevered ladder beams from the roof down to level 10
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