MSH Construction Labourer - Training Program

Training Program Structure

Job Role – Construction Labourer


· Assist in erecting, modifying and dismantling scaffolding systems up to 4meters

· Carry out maintenance and labour tasks on site as directed by the leading hands and management

· Always work in a safe, efficient and diligent manner, ensuring compliance with the site-specific SWMS

· Participate in Tool Box meetings

· Maintain housekeeping at all times

· Report any incidents or near misses immediately to your site supervisor

· Wear the correct PPE at all times

· Complete all relevant site-specific documentation as required and submit to the appropriate personnel.


· MSH Employment and Safety Induction
· Site Induction
· Cert 1 in Construction
· High Risk Forklift Licence

CPC10111 Certificate I in Construction

The objective of the CPC10111 Certificate I in Construction program is to prepare young First Nations people for the workplace by providing fundamental, entry level skills and knowledge relating to the building and construction industry. It is our purpose to see young First Nations people transition into motivated, skilled and valued contributors to the MSH workforce.

The Qualification provides an introduction to the construction industry, its culture, occupations, job roles and workplace expectations.

Completing this qualification will provide skills and knowledge in the following areas:

· Obtaining and following instructions
· Planning and preparing for work
· Fitness for work
· Working as a team
· Achieving goals
· Communication
· Workplace safety
· Reading and interpreting plans and specifications
· Carrying out basic measurements and calculations

Delivery Methodology


ASTRA will develop online learning modules that include fundamental requirements of the building and construction industry.

This will include interactive learning activities and scenarios.

Knowledge Assessments will be conducted online. This will negate the need for paper-based assessments.

Duration Methodology

3 months – 6 months, made up of:

· 5-days face to face with a Trainer Assessor
· Self-paced activities and online assessments
· Ongoing work-placement under the supervision of qualified MSH leading hands / MSH community team champions


Not applicable


· PPE must be worn (safety boots and high vis clothing supplied)
· Ability to use computer
· Basic literacy and numeracy skills
· Elementary english speaking
· There are regular tasks that require manual handling of materials, tools and equipment including exposure to outdoor elements. Before commencing any course, it is recommended to consult a doctor to determine any limitations with conducting practical work if applicable

Qualification Package Rules

11 units of competency:

8 core units:

CPCCCM1012A – Work effectively and sustainably in the construction industry
CPCCCM1013A – Plan and organise work
CPCCCM1014A – Conduct workplace communication
CPCCCM2001A – Read and interpret plans and specifications
CPCCCM2005B – Use construction tools and equipment
CPCCWHS1001 – Prepare to work safely in the construction industry
CPCCOHS2001A – Apply OHS requirements, policies and procedures in the construction industry
CPCCVE1011A – Undertake a basic construction project

3 elective units:

CPCCCM1015A – Carry out measurements and calculations

CPCCCM2004A – Handle construction materials

CPCCCM2006B – Apply basic levelling procedures


CPC10111 Certificate 1 in Construction