Social Enterprise

Delivering resources into First Nation’s communities through our Not-for-Profit organisation,

The MSH Affect.

Make Shift Happen, we are not just a Pty Ltd, we are a Social Enterprise with a mission.

Make Shift Happen is dedicated to investing our experience and expertise to benefit First Nation’s communities.

Through various projects and programs, Make Shift Happen is engaged with the Traditional Owners and Elders of the land to assist with the redistribution of resources and to nurture groups of talented individuals with a passion for community building

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Make Shift Happen pledges to continuously distribute financial resources into First Nation’s communities.

We are determined to ensure that the legacy of our community works and partnerships will promote future progress, community sufficiency and cultural pride.

This underpins the core of every program we undertake.

We are a Social Traders certified social enterprise



1. Operates with a primary social, cultural or environmental purpose,
2. Derives a substantial portion of revenue from trade, and
3. Reinvests profits towards its purpose such that public benefit outweighs
private benefit

MSH Pattern 4

Emergency Housing

As part of our reinvestment into First Nation’s communities, our trained and skilled teams construct onsite, purpose designed mobile suites and structures for displaced and disadvantaged community members.

The MSH Affect

The MSH Affect is a not-for-profit organisation sponsored by Make Shift Happen Australia.

Our goal is to allocate 60% of profits towards Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders on country.

  • Net profits to support MSH Affect 60% 60%

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