Our Vision
To respond to the needs of First Nation’s communities where ever they may be located.

This is achieved by working under the ethos that MSH Australia and The MSH Affect team members are motivated, challenged and identify how these partnered entities can make real difference and be sustainable through action.

Our Mission
By only partnering with like-minded entities, who put the needs of First Nation’s communities before profit and gain, can the vision remain true to the cause. This allows us to be fleet footed and versatile, which in turn drives our relevant and timely solutions to meet urgent needs.

We are a not-for-profit organisation sponsored by MSH Australia and the charitable investment from individuals, community groups, corporate and government stakeholders.

We endeavour to provide timely and relevant solutions for urgent needs located within First Nation’s communities.

With a primary initiative to develop purpose designed, community built mobile suites and structures to provide urgent housing for displaced and other disadvantaged groups within local and remote communities.

This is in conjunction with providing community-based up-skilling and enabling of young First Nations men and women to enter the workforce with real life skills and work practices, with an outlook of becoming the future leaders of these projects as the need progresses.

All initiatives undertaken are to be delivered through an established cultural awareness system to ensure a successful amalgamation of a multicultural working environment.

This is achieved through adhering to and promoting cultural awareness for best practice in:




Industry Standards


This works in conjunction with encouraging the inherent worth of both the individual and the community at large.

The old saying give a man a fish and you feed him for a day but teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime is the very premise to which The MSH Affect operates.

Through effective community based contextualised training and mentoring The MSH Affect will provide a pathway for First Nations people to gain better work opportunities, while also establishing a genuine connection within these communities.

This connection allows the relationship to grow into a partnership, ensuring the ability to successfully engage in short, medium and long-term goals together from conception to completion.

Social Enterprise